Suits and Spooks DC 2017 Presentations

Jon Cropper presenting the Espionage X trailer at Suits and Spooks DC 2017


The following presentations are available for download by clicking on the title. These only represent the presentations which were approved for public release. Our other presentations and panels were either not recorded or contained information not approved for release outside of the venue.

How Targeted Attacks From Russia Will Shape The Security Landscape of 2017

COBALT: Logical Attacks on ATMs Report

By Nicholas Palmer – Group-IB

Power Grid Under Attack: When theoretical risk becomes real disaster

By Alexey Polyakov and Andrey Nikishin

Tallinn 2.0: How we addressed issues of Sovereignty, Attribution, Espionage, Countermeasures, and other key points of Cyber Warfare under International Law

By Michael Schmitt

Using A Synoptic View to Improve Cybersecurity

By Paul Kurtz

Espionage X: An evolution in edutainment

This trailer premiered at Suits and Spooks DC. It’s for an invitation-only edutainment experience coming this May. Jon Cropper provided our attendees with background, showed the trailer, and gave away a ticket for two at a drawing held at the close of our event.

“Espionage X – a new evolution in edutainment.”

By Jon Cropper