What is Suits and Spooks?

Suits and Spooks is a unique, limited attendance cyber security event (which we call a “collision”) founded in 2011 by international cybersecurity consultant Jeffrey Carr. Each event draws thought leaders and decision makers from the public, private, defense, law enforcement and intelligence sectors who come to learn about and discuss some of the key security challenges which face our digitally connected nation and world.

Is Suits and Spooks affiliated with the U.S. government?

No. We invite former and present employees of the U.S. Intelligence Community to attend and/or speak at these events but we have no affiliation with any government agency.

What makes Suits and Spooks different from the 900 other security conferences held each year?

  1. Unlike conferences where speakers present to a passive audience of unlimited size, a Suits and Spooks Collision has a completely unique 1:4 speaker to attendee ratio making it the perfect venue for debate and discussion.
  2. We’re a single track event so our 100+ attendees have two days to get to know each other, share in discussions, engage in networking, and debate important issues related to their agencies and industries.
  3. We don’t provide a platform for high level executives or government officials to speak without challenge. All of our speakers are aware that they may be challenged with questions by our attendees after the first 10 minutes of their talk.

Can my company sponsor a discrete event just for our firm?

Absolutely. We can organize a bespoke event for any size group, anywhere in the world.